It's back! New and improved from the old Robosapien.

Better agility allows the new Robosapien to pick up, drop and throw objects with his finely tuned hands. It also allows him to sit, bend over, lie down, twist and stand up.

Robosapien 2 can interact with his surroundings and can talk too! He also has an infrared system in his eyes which allows him to avoid obstacles and track movement. This means that he can take an object when handed to him.

His sensory system also allows him to distinguish between objects and people and thus allows him to react to a person - like extending his hand for a handshake for example. His stereo sound detectors allows him to react and respond to sound in the environment.

Robosapien 2 has a cool laser tracking feature which allows him to trace a path which he will follow.

Input to the Robosapien 2 can be done via the programmable remote unit or he can be set free into full free-roam mode.

To wrap it up - Robosapien 2 can control Roboraptor and Robopet!

By Wowwee